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Mining Lubricants


Lubrication plays a vital roll in the mining industry.   Both underground and surface mining conditions are very hard on equipment. Rock drills, scoops, loaders, hydraulic shovels and draglines are subjected to constant operation, extreme pressure, shocks and heavy loads – all of which quickly cause wear and tear.   In order to decrease downtime and loss of profits due to maintenance or machinery replacement, the use of quality lubricants in the used correct applications is essential.

  • Bigfoot CAT TO – 4 Oil SAE 10W-30

  • Bigfoot CAT TO – 4 Oils SAE 10W-50

  • Bigfoot Extreme Pressure Grease NLGI #2

  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil SAE 15W-40 CI-4

  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil SAE 15W-40 CK-4

  • Long Life Turbine Oil

  • Pneumatic Tool Lubricant

  • Gear Oil SAE 75W-90

  • Gear Oil SAE 75W-140

  • Gear Oil SAE 85W-140

  • Gear Oil SAE 85W-90

  • Red-I Powercat Heavy Duty Grease NLGI # 2)

  • Red-I Extreme Pressure Grease NLGI # 2

  • Universal Tractor Fluid – Red

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